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 Optibelt Delta Chain Carbon

The optibelt DELTA CHAIN Carbon is a new high performance timing belt that sets standards in the market. Up to 100% higher power transmission is possible compared to high performance rubber timing belts.

The overall width of the drive can therefore be considerably reduced. The particular focus is placed here on drives with very high torques. The optibelt DELTA CHAIN Carbon was designed for high torques and delivers high performance even in extreme use and with high loads. With its carbon cord, it is the ideal alternative to drives with roller chains.


The innovative combination of materials with an extremely resistant polyurethane compound, an abrasion-resistant and specially treated polyamide fabric, as well as the carbon fibre cord, make the optibelt DELTA CHAIN Carbon resistant to a wide range of chemicals, oils and fluids.


NOW available in 8M 640 – 4480 in standard width of 12, 21, 36 & 62 mm

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